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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Plot Bunnies

“Hello can I help you?” The store clerk asked
“I’m looking for some story ideas.”
“Well we have some ideas back here.”
“Woha what are those?”
“Oh, you don’t want those they’re plot bunnies. They can be dangerous.”
“But that is what I need, just a cute little idea.”
“But, sir!”
“That’s what I want.”
He took two of them home, surely one of them would work.
A month later, they found him face down on his desk, piles of paper all around him, half written stories, and hundreds of plot bunnies. He didn’t read the warning.
Plot bunnies multiply.

Thanks to @EAWwrite on twitter for the Plot Bunny


  1. Really glad you liked it. Not all that original, but I though it was pretty funny.