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Monday, December 12, 2011

Call for 100 word stories

For the past week or so I have been writing 100 word stories based on the titles of Laurence Simon's 100 word stories. If you didn't know The 100 word story podcast along with a couple of others was what got me into podcasting and writing again, and so I credit them with any success that I have had in either of them. The 100 word story podcast was the basis for my short story contest called Great Hites and Laurence himself gave me the the title "The Hite of Podcast Fiction." So I do owe him big time.

With that in mind I am starting a campaign. No, I am not running for president, and no I am not suggesting he run for president. (Can you imagine Planet X calling the shots?) In two weeks on Christmas Laurence will host a show with the topic of Christmas. I am asking all of you out there to help me give Laurence a huge Christmas gift. We are trying to get a triple digit number of stories. 100 stories would be perfect but, if we get more than that, the more the merrier.

You know you have a little (100 words) Christmas story in you. Here is all you need to do. Write a 100 word story on the topic of Christmas, and record it. The follow the directions below. Get it in by midnight on the 24th and we can make this this best 100 word stories yet. Stay Tuned for updates. If you can leave a comment here that you have sent in a story and I will keep a running tally.

Here are the instructions stolen from the horses mouth as it were.

Hello. This is Laurence Simon of the 100 word stories podcast. Welcome to 2011!

The 100 word stories weekly challenge is where I post a topic to http://podcasting.isfullofcrap.com and then you write and record a story based on that topic.

The topic of the 25th of December Weekly Challenge is Christmas.

Want to give it a shot? Send an email to isfullofcrap (at) gmail.com with the subject of Christmas WEEKLY CHALLENGE and the following:

The text of your 100 word story on the topic.
Your site's URL, if you have a site or aren't ashamed to share it.
A topic for the next Weekly Challenge
And, if you can, a recording of your story (and any shameless plugs) in MP3 format

Everything's due by Saturday at midnight or so.

If you can't or don't feel like recording your story, well, go ahead and send the text of the story in anyway. I'll have someone record it for you.

Good luck, and as always, keep it brief.

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